A good few years ago I started a business which required a website. The challenge I faced was finding a company who could give me a site without charging me a substantial sum of money. I soon discovered that most website companies were set up to focus on bigger budget projects rather than low cost work. In short there was no one out there who could make me a site for a small budget.

Realising there was not much on offer for the smaller operator, I started Simply Marketing Services to offer small businesses and individuals cost effective website solutions.

After I set my website up, I then found that I could not find a company to help promote and drive relevant traffic to my site unless I was prepared to spend a significant sum of money. Again same problem, most marketing companies are set up to work on bigger budget marketing activities. So in addition to creating websites, we can also offer low cost marketing solutions tailored to your budget.

We strongly believe in offering a personal service and as a consequence we like to speak to our customers and meet them if possible. Our clients really appreciate the business tips and suggestions we provide along the way.

Now that you know where our focus is, I hope you will find our services of help.

Please do Contact Us to find out how we can help you.


Tara Hawkins

Simply Marketing Services
Affordable web and marketing solutions.